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Erotic massage in Geneva

Erotic massage in Geneva

Erotic massage in Geneva is an institution. Numerous establishments, scattered throughout all parts of the city, offer naturist and sensual relaxation services. A practice that the inhabitants of the city of Calvin are fond of and which has experienced a huge popularity in recent years.

Reconnecting with human contact, relaxing in a soothing atmosphere and tasting the charm of feminine seduction during a voluptuous erotic massage is a parenthesis of unparalleled and imprescriptible well-being on the shores of Lake Geneva.

An eminently cosmopolitan city, with more than 60% of its residents from all over the world, Geneva is a cultural patchwork of influences and initiatives. There are all types of sensual massages known and of course the great classics that are tantric massage, nuru massage and Californian naturist.

Erotic parlor and erotic massage parlor

All the sensual massage specialties in Paris are represented: tantric massage, Californian naturist, Ayurvedic, Thai, Balinese, Japanese or African. Paris offers a variety of erotic relaxation almost unique in Europe. The success of the sensual relaxation sector generates emulation, creativity and professionalization of the activity with real stars of erotic modeling emerging in certain massage institutes.

Cocoon Tantra Privé, erotic massage in Geneva

Cocoon Tantra Privé

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The Cocoon Tantra Prive is an erotic massage parlor located in the Servette district in the North of Geneva. The establishment offers you a ...

Diva Massages, erotic massage in Geneva

Diva Massages

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Diva Massage is an erotic massage institute located in the city center of Geneva, a stone's throw from the majestic Quai des Bergues and the ...

Glamour 12 Lounge, erotic massage in Geneva

Glamour 12 Lounge

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The Glamor 12 lounge is a high-end erotic massage parlor located near Port Wilson on the north shore of Lake Geneva. The institute offers a ...

La Découverte Sensual, erotic massage in Geneva

La Découverte Sensuelle

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La Découverte Sensuelle is an erotic massage parlor located in the town of Petit-Lancy, in the immediate periphery of Geneva. This institut ...

Last parlors added

Yasmine Massages, erotic massage in Paris

Yasmine Massages


Yasmine Massages is an address recognized for the continuity of its self-sacrifice in the service of the well-being and ...

Bains des Sens, erotic massage in Paris

Bains des Sens


Les Bains des Sens occupies a special place in the superb rue de Tocqueville in the heart of the 17th arrondissement of ...

Dream Massage, erotic massage in Paris

Dream Massage


Dream Massage is a high-end erotic massage parlor located at the foot of the Butte Montmartre, a stone's throw from the ...

Eden 17, erotic massage in Paris

Eden 17


Eden 17 has been one of the most dynamic and luxurous erotic massage institute in Paris for its past 10 years. The stren ...

L'Escale d'Hermès, erotic massage in Paris

L'Escale d'Hermès


More than an erotic massage parlor, L'Escale d'Hermès is a care and well-being institute for men. Located in rue Rodier ...

AK Institut, erotic massage Paris

AK Institut


AK Institut is a small, cozy, modern and welcoming naturist massage parlor, nestled in the chic district between the Tou ...

Comments & advices

Tantric massage in Geneva

More than a massage technique, tantric massage is a ritual based on the abandonment of oneself, mixing caresses, breathing and gestures while slowness and sensuality. A practice of gentleness and temperance that cannot find a better setting than Geneva to consecrate its excellence in practice.

Body-body massage

No need to dwell on its charms and benefits, the Geneva body-body massage meets the standards expected of a large global metropolis. Especially since Geneva, although relatively small, has a large Thai community whose expertise in the field is known.

Nuru massage

Super star of sensual massages, the majority of naturist massage parlors in Geneva offer nuru massage. Remember that the nuru massage is a massage given using an extremely slippery and conveniently aphrodisiac gel which allows the naked masseuse to literally glide over your body and express all her dexterity.